I envisioned myself travelling the world with my dog for as long as I can remember. It was a maybe someday Рkinda dream for over a decade before I decided to turn it into a sustainable way of life.  Find out about our story and get to know my trusty sidekick and travelbuddy Nova!



I was born and raised in the Netherlands. I grew up in a troubled household and during my childhood my family and I moved around a lot. I lived in a lot of different places and at times it was scary and lonely. But wherever we lived at the time and whatever new school I had to go to, there was always the animals in our household providing me with comfort, support and companionship. In everchanging times, they taught me about stability, calmness and self – confidence. Till this day I firmly believe that each and every one of these animals played a vital role in shaping my personality and helping me grow into the independant and adventurous adult I am today.

The choice to become a sport- and exercise psychologist was a rather obvious one at the time. I wanted to build on my personal experiences by integrating the outdoors, exercise and animals into the treatment of psychological disorders and distress. I believed in the synergy of these elements and wanted to master their therapeutical benefits. Even during my studies I had lots of animals around. For years horses, cats, fish and hamsters came and went till Nova joined our family in 2016. She turned out to be the friend of a lifetime and the ultimate inspiration upon which Wolftrail Travels is build.

Till this day I firmly believe that animals played a vital role in shaping my personality and helping me grow into the independent and adventurous adult I am today.

I always knew I would leave the Netherlands. I was drawn to the mountains all my life and the desire to explore all the beauty the world had to offer grew with each year that passed. I wanted to hike the Mont Blanc Trail and pitch my tent on the remote Lofoten Islands. I wanted to climb the Stairway to heaven and marvel over the mindblowing beauty of Alberta. I wanted to document the unbelievable views I encountered and inspire people to roam our beautiful earth and experience life to the fullest. And I wanted to do it with Nova.

So I remember it distinctly, the moment I decided to pursue this dream. I was walking with Nova in Ordesa National Park Spain as I was struck by it’s overwhelming beauty. I had just lost my job due to Corona and all the perks that came with it and had been feeling pretty sorry for myself for several weeks. But the deep canyons, majestic mountains and explosive waterfalls managed to make me forget all this completely. It completely captivated me and I felt in awe of the powerful beauty of this natural display. Right then and there I decided; this is what I want to do, this is my next step. So welcome to my dream. Welcome to Wolftrail travels.

Bernadet & Nova


I am dedicated to produce moving and thought – provoking stories that inspire marvel and wanderlust. I hope to bring you along in a world of adventure and freedom by providing an honest account of traveling fulltime with a dog – from the breathtaking highs to the heartfelt lows. Pursuing my nomadic life has been nothing but a story of personal growth, dedication and determination. So even if fulltime travel is not what you’re after, I am confident that sharing my story will empower any kind of journey in your life too.


meet nova 

Nova is a longhaired German Shepherd. She was born in 2016 and joined my family when she was eight weeks old. From the very first day she showed herself to be extremely smart and eager to work; she mastered all the basic commands by the time she was nine weeks old and has basically excelled at everything I throw at her ever since. Despite her fearsome appearance, she is slightly insecure and anxious by nature. She has needed a lot of guidance but over time she has grown into the dependable adventuredog of my dreams. She has been the ultimate inspiration for Wolftrail and singlehandedly taught me what it means to be a calm and assertive leader. Without her, I wouldn’t have become the independent wanderer I am today.