Ordesa national park might just very well be the most beautiful places in Spain I ever visited. This national park completely blew me away. It was like nothing I had ever seen in this country; deep canyons filled with mysterious pine forests and surrounded by majectic mountains. Meandering streams turning into explosive waterfalls as they pass through the breathtaking glacial valleys. I completely fell in love with this national park. So if you are looking for you next destination in Spain; this should be it!

Ordesa y Monte perdido national park is located in the province of Aragon right against the French border. This national park is actually the oldest one in Spain and consists of four valleys and one major peak; Monte perdido. With altitudes ranging from 700 to 3000 meters, outdoor afficionados will find that this national park is the perfect place to enjoy all sorts of activities The park is mostly known for its four impressive canyons which are unique to Europe; Ordesa, Anisclo, Escuain and Pineta. That’s why Ordesa national park is also called the Grand Canyon of Europe. Below you’ll find five of the absolute highlights of this stunning national park. You can also take a look at the Tourist Information Parque Nacional Ordesa y Monte Perdido


This lovely little village is one of the pre-eminent gateways to Ordesa National Park. It is a very small community with just 200 inhabitants but it is host to thousands of travelers and tourists each year. This little alpine town is famous for it tranquility and charm and it is definitely worth a visit. Over half of the population earn their living with tourism and hospitality so the town offers a wide selection of restaurants and shops. Torla might very well be my favorite destination in Spain; to this date it is the only town I actually went back to several times because I loved it so much.

Torla Centre

Anisclo gorge

This spectacular gorge was sculpted by the erosion of the Bellós river. For centuries this beautiful river carved its way through the massifs and formed the Anisclo canyon. There is a trail that curves through the gorge and will take you along spectacular waterfalls, narrow pathways and impressive cliffs. At the end of the valley you’ll find the glacial cirque plummeting down into the gorge.

Ordesa Valley

Ordesa valley is probably the main attraction of this national park. This glacial valley is host to many beautiful trails; most of them pretty demanding and strenuous. However, this valley offers some unique and breathtaking views; you’ll find powerful waterfalls, awe-inspiring cliffs and lush alpine forests. The hike to Colla de Caballo and Fajah de Pelay are definite highlights, so if you are looking for some epic scenery then you should definitely add this valley to your travellist.

Monte Perdido

Monte Perdido means ‘The lost mountain.’ With a 3355m summit Monte Perdido is the third highest mountain in the pyrenees, ranking just behind Pico de Aneto and Posets.  However, it is often described as the most beautiful limestone peak in Europe. Every year many people try and climb to the summit, which can be done by a steep trail during the summertime. You’ll be rewarded with spectacular views on the top.

Pineta valley

On the east side of Monte Perdido you’ll find pineta valley. This valley is 12 kilometers long and offers majestic mountain views and spectacular nature. The road from Bielsa will take you through beautiful pine forests and will take you deep into the Pineta cirque where you’ll find the breathtaking Pineta waterfall cascading down from the Perdido Balcony.


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