I was staying in Tarragona during the 2020 lockdown and since it was prohibited to travel between districts at the time, I made it my mission to explore every inch of this province in Catalunya. Nova and I roamed every trail on the coast of the Mediterranean sea and explored the unspoiled inland mountainranges. Along the way I stumbled upon beautiful vista’s, enchanting beaches and awe – inspiring mountain trails off the beaten tracks. Below you’ll find five of my absolute favorite ones. So if you plan on visiting Tarragona, make sure to check out these hidden gems!

Gorgs de la Febro

This place absolutely qualifies as a hidden gem. There is very little information to be found on how to access these beautiful gorges and the people you’ll find out on the trail are mostly locals. It took me quite some time to figure out how to get there but it was well worth the effort. This is without a doubt one of the best kept secrets of Tarragona. The trail will take you across several waterfalls and gorgeous natural baths you can actually swim in. The waterfalls are coming down the picturesque limestone walls and create a rare magical atmosphere. Strolling around the meandering streams, radiantly green flora and impressive rock formations truly made me feel like I was in another world for a few hours; a world where unicorns and magic still seem to exist. If you love to venture off the beaten path and witness mesmerizing nature, I highly recommend you visit these gorges!

How to get there. You’ll find the gorges in the Muntaynes de Prades, a little south of La Febró. I parked the car next to the T – 704 and followed the hiking trail towards the Barranc del Gorg. After an hour or so you’ll arrive at the gorges. Make sure to wear your hiking boots; the trail mostly consists of loose rubble and is somewhat slippery.

Platja del Torn

I’m not sure if Platja del Torn is all that hidden anymore but a gem this beautiful absolutely deserves to be on the list. I visited this beach many many times during the summer and I always expected it to be crowded but for some reason it never was. This small stretch of coastline is a protected area and known for it’s impressive rock formations. It’s completely surrounded by the mountains of La Rojala – Platja del Torn and is definitely one of the most beautiful beaches on the southern Catalan coast. It’s coves, cliffs and surrounding cirque make for an absolutely unique and mesmerizing beachday.

How to get there. You’ll find Platja del Torn a little south of L’Hospitalet de l’infant. I recommend to take the N – 340 and the Cami de la Muntanya del Torn. The road will take you over the mountains towards the beach and is an adventure with stunning views in itself. You can park the car at the end of the road.

Reserva Natural Llaberia

Spain keeps surprising with its versatility; from sundrenched beaches with palmtrees,  foothills with cascading waterfalls and rivers to snowcovered mountains. Spain really does seem to have it all. The Lliaberia mountain range was one of those surprises that left me in awe of what this country has to offer. Within 20 minutes I found myself transported from the exotic beaches to these sheer isolation of Scandinavia. Its massive karstic cliffs and dramatic ravines will leave you feeling small and enchanted. The trails consist of several strenuous climbs over boulders, slippery rocks and rough terrain.

How to get there. This reserve offers many beautiful hikes; even though actual routes and hiking trails might be hard to find at first. I found out the hard way that designated parkingareas are really hard to come by in this region. I recommend parking your car in either Pratdip or Colldejou. These small mountain villages are the main starting point of several beautiful trails.


Siurana is a little village deep into the Muntanyes de Prades. It is known for it’s vineyards and attracts a lot of climbers and mountainbikers. These beautiful mountains are home to many a stunning hiking trail but the most impressive trails I have walked in that area is definitely the trail through the gorge on the foot of Siurana alongside the Barranc de la Foradada. This river carved out a beautiful ravine known for its many waterfalls, caves and natural baths. The rocky landscape, wild vegetation and stunning river will enchant you and is well worth a visit! You’ll have to cross the river several times so make sure to dress accordingly. If you are up for an adventure off the beaten path and love chasing waterfalls, make sure to pay this gorge a visit.

How to get there. The trail starts at the Panta de Siurana. You can leave the car in the designated parking area near the lake and start to walk towards the right side of the lake. You’ll have to follow the main road around the lake for at least 30 minutes or so before you arrive at the gorge.


Cala Fonda

Cala Fonda is one of the best preserved beaches along the Tarragona coastline. Situated only a few kilometres from downtown Tarragona, it is an unspoiled and beautiful getaway from the city. Cala Fonda is known for it’s golden cliffs, aromatic pine forest and stunning blue waters. This secluded beach is sheltered by impressive cliffs and a beautiful forest with breathtaking vistas.

How to get there. I have found that the most beautiful way to get to Cala Fonda is from La Mora. Leave your car at Platja de La Mora and walk south along the shore. Walk past the Torre de la Mora campsite and continue to Cala Fonda.



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