I am always trying to find unspoiled places; the kind of places that make you feel the good kind of isolated and small. I have visited France and Switzerland many times to chase that feeling deep into the Alps. But this time I was looking for something new to explore. So this time I set out to explore Triglav National Park; Slovenia’s only national park, known for its alpine valley’s and breathtaking emerald rivers. Nova and I spend ten days in Triglav National Park and this National Park turned out to be one of the most beautiful places I have visited in Europe; its emerald rivers, the impressive peaks of Mount Triglav and breathtaking glacial valleys were like nothing I have ever seen before. The park offers thousands of stunning hikingtrails; from challenging long – distance trails across mountain peaks to easier yet breathtaking day hikes. Since we weren’t equipped for a throughike at the time, Nova and I limited ourselves to many stunning day hikes on this trip. Below you’ll find five of my absolute favorite ones. 

Soca Trail

The Soca river is considered one of the most beautiful European rivers. I’m always a bit sceptical about statements like these. The inner critic in me gets like ‘yeah we’ll see about that.’ But in this case, for at least this once, the internet seemed to have been absolutely right. The Soca river absolutely blew me away with its enchanting color and clearness.

The trail starts at the source of the river in Trenta and takes you to Bovec. The length of the entire trail is about 25km and will take you about eight hours to complete. The trail is not very challenging and is suitable for most hikers and dogs. During the peak summer season, there is regular public bus service between Bovec and Trenta, making the 25-km trek a doable one-way hike. However since I didn’t feel like using a crowded shuttle with Nova, I decided to break it up into two dayhikes. We marveled over the breathtaking water roaring through the steep gorges and the picturesque footbridges against the beautiful backdrop of Mount Triglav. If you are visiting Triglav National Park, you should absolutely hike this trail. It is definitely worth your time!

Triglavska Bistrica trail

This stunning trail runs along the Triglavska Bistrica River towards the beautiful Vrata Valley. The Vrata Valley leads to the base of the northern wall of Mount Triglav and was named as the most beautiful glacial valleys in Triglav National Park. Hiking at the base of the impressive walls of Triglav will leave you feeling quite small.

The trail starts at the Slovenian Alpine Museum in Mojstrana and is about 12km (one way). The trail connects several beautiful sights and highlights of the valley; from the Peričnic Waterfalls and overhanging galleries to the awe – inspiring Triglav North Face. I highly recommend straying from the main path to see the Peričnic Waterfalls. This 30 – minute circular route will take you behind the waterfall and will absolutely take your breath away. It exceeded my expectations in unimaginable ways!

Tolmin Gorge

If you are looking for a shorter hike, you should definitely visit the Tolmin Gorge. This circular trail is about 4km long and will take you about 2 hours to complete. The Tolmin gorges are the lowest entry point to the National Park and are the highlight of this southern part of the park. This stunning gorge is a popular tourist attraction nowadays so if you value some quiet, make sure to avoid the busiest time of day.

This was actually one of the first trails I hiked in Triglav National Park. After having fled some terrifying thunderstorms in Bled, I drove to Tolmin. I settled down on a really cheap camping (Kamp Siber) and hiked this trail in the warm evening sun. The walk along the crystal Tolminka River over suspension bridges was absolutely stunning. The spectacular viewpoints of the turquoise water, roaring cascades and the narrow gorges are definitely a must – see.

Seven Lakes Valley

Triglav Lakes Valley is an alpine glacial valley in Triglav National Park. Famous for its string of seven lakes, this pristine valley is also called the Seven Lakes Valley. Despite the name there are actually more than seven lakes located in the valley. But during the summer a lot of them dry up so the valley has kept its ‘magical number seven’ name. There are several possible approaches but the easiest access is from Planina Blato. The trail is about 8km (one way) and will take you about 4 hours to complete. It is not very steep or technical but it does require a solid fitness level.

This scenic trail will take you through some of the most beautiful parts of the Julian Alps. You’ll find everything Slovenia has to offer; panoramic views, lush alpine pastures and a beautiful backdrop of awe – inspiring summits. The rugged terrain is breathtaking and the alpine lakes surrounded by the silver rocky peaks are mesmerizing.  This was absolutely one of my favorite hikes in Triglav National Park.

Martuljek Waterfall

Kranjska Gora is home to the impressive peaks of Špik; repeatedly mentioned as as the most beautiful mountain of the Julian Alps. Even though it is not the highest, its sharp peaks and seemingly unclimbable walls attract a lot of views every year. At the base of the Špik mountain are two waterfalls to be found; the lower and upper Martuljek Waterfalls. Especially the upper one is absolutely spectacular and is the 3rd highest waterfall in Slovenia with its 110m vertical drop.

The trail to the lower waterfall is pretty easy and doable for almost every hiker. However, the trail to the upper waterfall is only suitable for experienced hikers and/or mounaineers. Especially the last section of the trail get’s pretty steep and challenging with a via ferrata passage secured with steel cables and stemples. The length of the trail is about 8km (one way) and it’ll take you about two hours to reach the upper waterfall. The last part of the trail was definitely a technical challenge for Nova and I; the perpendicular descent over slippery rocks and ravines challenged our problem solving skills. So if you want to do this hike with your dog, keep in mind that it takes a very experienced trekkingdog to make it to the upper fall safely.